MIG Power Sources

Metal Inert Gas welding and Metal Active Gas welding are the most widely used welding processes in the world today.

The range of possible uses is especially wide in the case of the versatile MAG process, which is suitable for unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy base metals. This makes it ideal for use in both the production field and for repair welding.

The MIG process, on the other hand, is used for aluminum and copper materials.

All in all, then, a highly versatile welding process.

The fully digitized and microprocessor-controlled MIG power source for short circuit, spray and pulsed arcs enables the best weld properties in every respect, and reproducible results time and time again.


TIG Power Sources

The main advantage of Tungsten Inert Gas welding is the huge range of different materials that it can be used to weld.

These materials can be welded from thicknesses of only 0.6 mm upwards, and include unalloyed and alloyed steels, aluminium, magnesium, copper, grey cast iron, bronze, nickel, silver, titanium, lead and many others beside.

The principal area of use is for welding thin and medium thicknesses of material, and for welding root passes on joints with thicker cross-sections.

The TransTig is a TIG-DC power source. It is extremely easy to use, practically self-explanatory in operation, very robust, powerful and completely digitised. The power source can be used in many different fields: chemical, container, machine and plant construction, pipeline construction, automotive and tracked vehicle manufacturing, aerospace industry and shipbuilding, as well as by all types of installation, maintenance and repair companies.


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