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Our Automatic Torch Control (ATC-3) is a compact, lightweight, welding torch height tracking and control system. The ATC-3 untilizes an operator pendant to program and control the Linear Slide Assembly (LSA).   This system is capable of providing independent control of all torch movements in the vertical plane. Employing patented "Thru-Arc™" tracking technology, the system provides automatic torch height control for both GTAW, PAW and GMAW applications. 

The ATC-3 provides automatic torch height and two modes of torch height tracking; AVC for CC Power Source and ACC for CV Power Source.  The entire torch tracking information is derived from the welding arc. The arc voltage and welding current is measured with an external voltage probe and hall-effect clamp on current sensor provided with the system. The two modes allow the ATC-3 to be used for GTAW, PAW and GMAW applications. It also provides a Touch-Retract function for accurate torch positioning at arc start for GTAW applications.

Can perform Auto Height Tracking when in tracking mode or Manual Height adjustments when tracking is turned off.  Provides Torch Height adjustments with 0.001” resolution

The ATC-3 Control provides the necessary control signals to the stepper motor powered slide. At power-up the slide is driven to the upper limit then the torch will be located to a user defined start location. The operator pendant allow the user to define the starting position, tracking reference values and to enable/disable the tracking functions. The ATC-3 will automatically detect a valid arc active condition and will perform the selected torch height tracking function. During the weld the user can enable/disable the torch tracking function.


The Automatic Torch Control provides the necessary command signals to the stepper motor powered drive to permit the selection of the following functions from the operator pendant.

OLED graphics display for setup and programming
Program Switch
Edit Switch
Mode Switch
Jog Switch


RS-485 Serial Port with Modbus® Protocol
All tracking information derived from welding arc
Stepper motor driven slide assembly
External interface capability
Compact lightweight design
Convenient flexible mounting

Permits off-line programming, system configuration and remote control
No bulky probes to contend with or maintain
Permits independent control of all welding torch movements in the vertical plane
Easy system integration for automated applications
Adaptable in confined areas
The slide can be installed in any position using multiple mounting positions and optional brackets
Product Specifications




  • ATC-3 Controller
  • Operator Pendant
  • LSA-3007 Linear Slide
AVC Control Range 2.0—25.5 vdc; Resolution 0.1 VDC; Max Slew Rate 1.5 inch/sec
ACC Control Range 100—560 ADC; Resolution 2 ADC; Max Slew Rate 1.5 inch/sec
Enclosure Dimensions 4.75”H X 2.25”W X 11.00”L (121 mm x 57 mm x 279 mm)
Mounting Dimensions 1.25" W x 10.25" L, four 0.25” diameter hole
Operating Temperature -10°F (-23°C) to +140°F (+60°c)
Weight 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
Dwell Time 0.02 to 2.0 seconds (left and right)
Velocity 100 – 6700 steps/sec
Peak Motor Current / Phase 2.0 – 6.0 amps
Two Remote I/O Outputs Isolated Solid State Relay (SSR) 28VDC max @ 100 ma
Two Remote I/O Inputs Isolated 28 VDC input @ 10 ma.
Enclosure Dimensions 2.0”H x 3.5”W x 5.75”L (50mm x 89mm x 147 mm)
Mounting Dimensions Hand held
Weight 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
Operating Temperature -10°F (-23°C) to +140°F (+60°c)
Power Requirements 24 VDC @ 0.2 amps
Slide Dimensions 15.86”H x 3.98”W x 2.59”D (403mm X 100mm x 66mm)
Mounting Dimensions 2.125“ H X 1.625” W (53.98mm X 41.28mm)
Weight 7 lbs (3.18kg)
Approximate Weight Limit 25 lbs (11.34 kg) at 3” (76.2mm) from slide face
Max Travel Distance 6.50” (165.1mm)
Travel Velocity 0.2“ – 1.5” (5.08mm - 38.1mm) per second
Operating Temperature 0° to 150° F (0° to 65° C)
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