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  This area contains links to our Autocad DXF files for our products.
  After downloading, execute the self-extracting Zip file that contain the DXF files.

If the product that you require is not listed, please contact the Engineering Department at 713-462-2118.






ADM IV - Arc Data Monitor Product Links
Product Link
  ADM IV with Display Enclosure P/N: A3A0196
  ADM IV without Display Enclosure P/N: A3A0197
  ADM IV Remote Display Plate P/N: A3A0198
  ADM IV Remote Display Enclosure P/N: A3A0199
  Voltage Sensor P/N: S3A5053
  Current Sensor P/N: X3Q5010
  GFM - Gas Flow Monitor P/N: A3A0277
  GTFM IV - Gas Turbine Flow Monitor P/N: A3A0179
  Wire Speed Transducer P/N: A3A0051
  Wire Speed Transducer P/N: A3A0222
  Travel Speed Transducer P/N: A3A0112





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