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The SmartSensor is an Embedded Microcontroller device designed to collect and monitor welding parameters. In its basic form the SmartSensor is configured to monitor welding current and provides two user 24 VDC inputs and 24 VDC outputs. It also provides a RS-485 serial port with the Modbus™ protocol to allow the user to access the run time data and enable control functions. Additional sensors can be added to monitor other welding parameters. The SmartSensor can monitor Voltage, Wire Speed, Travel Speed, Gas Flow or Temperature.
The SmartSensor can be used for the following monitoring functions:
Arc On Time
Weld Counter
Average Current and Arc On Time
Record Average Volt, Amp, Wire Speed, Gas Flow or Temperature and Travel Speed (requires additional sensors)
With user supplied inputs and optional sensors, the control can provide PASS/FAIL testing for each completed weld based on a four-part mapped learn cycle and user defined Sigma values
Sensor can provide two levels of PASS/FAIL testing:
Weld Pass/Fail
Part Pass/Fail
Total isolation of all sensors from the welding arc. Arc current is measured using a laser trimmed
hall-effect transducer. Arc voltage sensor provides a 1 KV isolation using capacitive isolation technology.
The unit provides weld current detection and can be used as an arc active sensor. It also provides an accumulative arc on timer and will accumulate the weld current during a weld cycle. At the end of the weld cycle the average weld current and arc on time is stored in Non-Volatile memory. The SmartSensor has onboard memory to store up to 1040 weld summary data records. 
The sensor can also provide Arc Voltage data acquisition and monitoring, and with individually purchased sensors provide Wire Speed, Travel Speed, and Gas Flow or Temperature data acquisition and monitoring.
Hall-effect current transducer with 25 mm opening for welding cable
A screw terminal block connections for positive and negative voltage sense leads
The unit provides weld current detection and can be used as an arc active sensor
There are two 24 VDC inputs and two 24 VDC SSR outputs
The sensor can be configured to store up to 1040 weld summaries in internal NVRAM. The Date/Time stamped summaries may then be downloaded via
the Modbus Port
Provides electrical isolation and reduces cable heating by eliminating additional mechanical connections
Provides easy installation of voltage sense leads and allows custom wire length
Communication with multiple SmartSensors devices with optional software package
The sensor can also be used with an Ethernet port and provide Modbus over Ethernet connectivity which will allow multiple users to connect to multiple sensors via an Ethernet connection
The optional ArcTrack II program is designed to use the various CWT Weld data sensors and provides advance data logging function. It is designed to provide a simple GUI interface for weld data logging for manual weld procedure development and documentation. It provides a Sweep chart option to graphically monitor and collect welding data from remote CWT Sensors. It provides both run time and summary data files that can be directly imported into Microsoft Excel for further evaluation. This program can be used with the following CWT sensors; Micro ADM, Intella-DART, WireTrak, Smart Sensor, GFM and the WDL-3. The sensor provides fault testing of the basic welding parameters (i.e. Volts, Amps, Wire Speed, Gas Pressure and Arc Time). It incorporates an advanced testing algorithm that provides three levels of fault testing. The sensor provides in-process parameter limit testing, Arc Density (AAD) for each weld in a Part and an ADD, Weld Count and Volume Applied test for each Part. The sensor also features a Part Learn Mode that allows the sensor to establish statistical control limits based on actual production parts. The ArcTrack II program allows the user to upload run time weld data and stored SPC weld summary data.
Product Specifications




  • Sensor Limits
  • General Specifications
Arc Current
0 – 500 adc
0 – 950 adc
±2.0% of full scale ±2 digits
±2.5% of full scale ±3 digits
Arc Voltage
0 – 80 vdc
0 – 100 vdc
±1.5% of full scale ±2 digits
±2.0% of full scale ±2 digits
Wire Feed Speed 10 – 1000 ipm (4.2 – 423 mm/s) ±3% of full scale ±2 digits
Travel Speed 1.0 – 100.0 ipm (0.4 – 42 mm/s) ±3% of full scale ±2 digits
Analog Inputs 0 – 5.0 vdc ±1.5% of full scale ±2 digits
Digital Inputs 10 – 28 vdc @ 5 ma  
Digital Outputs
12 – 26 vdc @ 100 ma
(depends on voltage input)
Welds/Part 1 – 200 Welds/Part  
Weld Memory 1040 Welds summaries stored in NVRAM  
Weld Testing* Pass/Fail per Weld based on Volume, AAD and Work applied  
Part Testing* Pass/Fail per Part based on Weld Count, Total Volume, Total AAD and Total Work Applied  
* Testing requires volt, amp and wire speed sensor for calculations of volume and work applied.
2.1”H x 2.5”W x 5.6”L (53mm x 64mm x 143mm)
Note: Allow an additional clearance of 1.5” (38mm) below sensor for connector clearance. Max welding cable size 1” (25 mm)
Weight 7 oz (0.198 kg)
Communications MODBUST RTU
Power Requirements 12 – 26 Vdc @ 100ma
System Interface 2 – 24 vdc inputs, 2 vdc SSR outputs




  • Single Unit
  • Multiple Unit with RS-232 Communications
  • Multiple Units with Etnernet Communications
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