Videos of Subarc Seam Tracking Systems
Subarc Welding Trials 5/8 MS Plate
Wire = 119 IPM
Wire Dia 3/32
Travel = 20 IPM
Amps 396
Volts = 32.6
OSC Width = 0.125
Completed Weld with Plate Skewed
Staring Weld Center Position = 12.000”
Ending Weld Center Position = 11.518”
Weld Made using Torch Height and Centerline Tracking
Subarc System
Lincoln NA4 and NA5 welding Heads
Lincoln AC1200 and DC1000 power source
ESAB Heavy Duty Slides
CWT Operator Control Pendant
CWT WSC-1000 Weld controller with Thru-Arc Tracking
CWT MSC-1000 Axis drive controllers
CWT DMC-500 Wire Drive Motor controllers
CWT Over/Under Sensor
Advanced Subarc System
Boom & Mast CWT MWC weld control with CWT Tandem Arc Heavy Duty Slides
CWT Operator 15” HMI with Joy Stick control
Fully intergrated with Mast, Boom, Turing Rolls and Lincoln Subarc system
Device Net Interface to Lincoln AC/DC1000 SD Power Source and Wire drives
CWT ADM (Arc Data Monitor) with HMI interface for utomatic upload of welding data to user network SQL Database


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