Computer Weld Technology proudly introduces a new range of products for closed loop weld system control and torch positioning applications.

Our adaptive weld control system provides closed-loop-control for all arc welding processes and parameters.  The system includes a programmable Weld Sequence Control, which interfaces with any solid-state weld power supply, PLC, robotic controller, or wire feeder.

For torch positioning applications, CWT patented technology for through-the-arc tracking provides the foundation for products which can be added to new or existing systems to provide single axis or two axis positioning control.  Single axis options offer cross slides and controls for seam tracking with through-the-arc sensing (no mechanical probes or sensors) or torch to work piece control for arc voltage or arc current control.  Two axis-positioning systems offer vertical and horizontal cross slide assemblies and closed loop system control for both seam tracking and torch to work piece control (AVC or ACC).  These systems are designed to operate with any of the arc welding processes.

Over the last 27 years, CWT has designed and built custom systems for specific applications, which utilize our patented through-the-arc sensing technology for seam tracking and adaptive torch positioning operations.  The Thru-Arc™ positioning system, by sensing and utilizing the real-time arc voltage and/or current signals, measures the joint geometry relative to the torch position.  It then institutes cross-seam and/or in-out corrections to the system's slide assemblies.  The corrections are made, as required, to correct for two-dimensional deviations between the path of the welding system and the weld joint.  In essence, then, the Thru-Arc™ system provides eyes to the welding system.  The CWT Thru-Arc package sees through the welding arc itself, requiring no probes or external devices of any kind.

Our mission at Computer Weld Technology is to continue providing you with state-of-the-arc products for controlling and automating the welding process. 


The Mechanized Thru-ARC System (MTS) is an add on Thru-Arc™ Tracking System that can be installed as an addition to a new or existing welding cell and can operate as a standalone component or interface with existing logic controls via MODBUS Communications protocol.


Our WOC-2 Weld Oscillator Control Systems are a compact, lightweight, weld torch manipulation control system comprised of the micro-controller based Weld Oscillator Control and a stepper motor driven Pendulum Oscillator Assembly or Linear Slide Assembly.

It provides the capacity to control Centerline Position, Oscillation width, Oscillation Velocity, and Left and Right Dwell. The system supplies the user with an easily accessible external interface for remote control functions.


ATC-3 Automatic Torch Control is a compact, lightweight, weld torch manipulation control system comprised of the microcontroller based Automatic Torch Control and a stepper motor driven Linear Slide Assembly (LSA). This system is capable of providing independent control of all torch movements in the vertical plane. Employing patented "Thru-Arc™" tracking technology, the system provides automatic torch height control for both GTAW, PAW and GMAW applications.

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